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Do you currently use any sustainability management software to assist you with your GRESB data and submission? *

Are you ready to respond to set up questions covering Gross Asset Value, Floor Area and Portfolio Level information? *

Have you collected evidence to demonstrate the implementation of your environmental policies and procedures at a site level? *

Have you collected evidence to calculate the percentage coverage of technical building assessments (for energy, water, waste, and health and wellbeing)? *

Have you collected information (typically from your property managers) to cover the extent of energy, water and waste initiatives implemented across all assets over the last four years? *

Have you collected your energy, water and waste data covering both the submission year and the previous year? *

Have you calculated your GHG emissions? *

Have you collated building EPC and sustainability certification data? *

Have you engaged with property managers to ensure all evidence relating to tenant engagement is available? *

Have you collected evidence relating to community engagement? *

Have you considered whether you will participate in the New Construction module? *

Have you considered whether you will participate in the Health and Wellbeing module? *

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0-3 You still have a lot to do. Go through your results, identify the gaps and establish a plan to ensure you meet the deadline

4-6 You have made some progress, but a thorough review of gaps and appropriate planning is needed

7-9 You are making solid progress. Use these survey results (which have been emailed to you) to fill the gaps

10-11 Well done, you're almost there. Check these survey results to ensure you don't miss anything

12 Congratulations, it sounds like everything is in hand!
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